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Landscape Mulch & Sawdust

In an effort to reduce and recycle, the Authority accepts brush, wood, and yard waste and produces high quality landscape mulch and "sawdust" compost material in accordance with our PaDEP issued general permit. Our double-ground landscape mulch is available in a variety colors, i.e., natural, dyed black or brown, and can be picked up or delivered.

Our Sawdust material is an excellent choice for use as a waste solidification agent and can also be used as animal bedding.

Our Compost(S) material has recently been approved by PennDOT for use as Compost Filter Sock (Section 867), Compost Filter Berm and Compost Blanket Material (Section 868). This material can be easily blown or augered into filter socks. Our customers find that the compost material is a consistent product and easy to use.

For more information or to schedule a delivery please contact us!

Mulch Production Process

First grind to breakdown material (brush and yard waste, trees and leaves) and get into windrow piles of about 2,000 CY’s per windrow. We collect the juice (tannic acid and sap water) that drains off of the other piles, this is a natural process of creating dark brown juice. This is then sprayed on top of the new piles of single ground mulch to completely dampen the whole pile. Once this is complete, it usually takes about a week of spraying on top of the pile during the day to do this. We then remove the spray equipment and let the pikes sit to start to make heat from the natural decaying process. We monitor the heat in the piles with a 4’ thermometer weekly and keep all the records for good data on each pile. Once the piles get above 140 degrees for multiple days ( anything over 125 degrees kills any spores, fungus or insects) , we then schedule to turn the piles and fluff them up, or mix and allow the heat out and oxygen back into the process. This whole process is repeated at least 4 times. After a minimum of 5 heat cycles we then double grind the material on to the blacktop and it is ready for sale, both retail and wholesale.

When our mulch leaves WTL, we are 100% certain that it is free of any spores, fungus and insects (termites, ants, bugs). With the use of the natural juice as a colorant, our mulch holds is dark brown color for long periods of time. It makes a natural barrier to protect from weeds and annually breaks down into the soils for better soil health for your landscaping plants.

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